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You must be a candidate


The following issues will NOT qualify a person for cosmetic tattooing:


  • Anyone under the age of 18

  • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Has been on Accutane within the last 365 days

  • Has previously tattooed brows that have NOT been approved by Starrly

  • Has problematic skin near the brow area (open wound, blemishes, eczema, rash)

  • Prone to keloid scarring

  • Has sun damaged skin (tanned face or sunburn)

  • Has extremely thin or severely wrinkled skin

  • Has a serious medical condition, you will need a doctors note with approval

  • Has COVID 19 or flu like symptoms

  • Has a bacterial or viral infection

* If you arrive with any of the following the service WILL be refused and deposit will be forfeited

Deposits and rescheduling

A non-refundable deposit is required to schedule and secure your appointment ($150 for new clients and $75 for touchups). The deposit is deducted from the total price of your session. If you need to reschedule your appointment, 24 hours notice is required. If you do not give at least 24 hours notice then you will forfeit your deposit and be charged 100% of your appointment total. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The remainder is due on the day of your appointment. 

Late arrivals and no shows


Due to high demand I can not proceed with the appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late, this will be considered as a no show and you will forfeit the deposit.

Previously tattooed brows


If you have previous cosmetic tattoo work by another artist, send clear photos of your brows PRIOR to booking your appointment to If the previous work is too dark, uneven or misshaped, laser removal is recommended before booking an appointment to achieve the best possible results. Coverup/corrective work may take multiple sessions and touchups will be charged accordingly.


If you book an appointment without disclosing previous cosmetic tattoo work or approval by Starrly, your appointment will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited.

Touchup appointments


Your first touch-up is recommended to be done between 8-12 weeks from your initial appointment. It is always a 2 step process to get to your desired brows and the touchup is highly suggested for best results. Your skin must have ample time to heal in between sessions and done no sooner than 8 weeks. 


Annual touch-ups are required every 1-2 years to maintain the pigment colour. If it is past the 2 year mark from your last appointment, it will be new client pricing. If you visit another artist to get a touchup over my work, you will need to send photos for approval for me to tattoo them again, and pricing will go back to new client pricing if approved.

Results are not guaranteed


Although I do my best to give high quality work, results are not guaranteed. Your skin, lifestyle, appointment preparation and aftercare play huge factors in the outcome. I do not have control over what occurs during the healing process, everyone heals and accepts pigment differently. Even when following proper aftercare, poor retention can still happen depending on your skin and lifestyle. There is absolutely NO guarantee for healed results, additional touchups may be required for optimal results and will be charged accordingly. I do not offer refunds on any service.



Procedure refusal


I specialize in soft powder ombre brows, and I only tattoo anatomy correct eyebrow shapes and natural colours. If you are looking for extremely bold brows, unnatural shape or colours, or are extremely picky, I am not the artist for you. I reserve the right to decline to proceed with an appointment or let a client go that I deem unfit or for safety reasons. 



Pricing and refunds


Pricing is subject to change at anytime. NO REFUNDS are given on deposits or any service.

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